About Helpcube

Our Story

Hi, I’m Yacine Petitprez and I’m the founder of Helpcube. During my career, I’ve been working for years in the customer support industry – mainly for big account – and noticed it was difficult for classical outsourcing companies to address the needs of the small and medium stores.
The problem lays into the necessary service customization which prevents to offer affordable and qualitative service unless you’re ready to spend thousands of dollars per month.
I’ve then built a solution which combines technical features like a live chat plugin and a ticketing system with a managed team of seasoned customer support representatives here in the Philippines.
The story of Helpcube
excellent shopify support with live chat

Our vision

We aim to offer the best experience for your customer when they visit your store.
We understand clearly where lay the challenge of being an outsourced managed team of customer support for your store.
Your branding and your store’s knowledge are the two keys concept we need to apprehend after only a few hours. That’s because we understand that we improve each day our processes and technology to face these challenges.