Lay back, we handle your customers!

Helpcube offers you and your team the customer support solution you ever wanted. With our risk-free turnkey solution ready in minutes, you won’t ever focus your energy on customer support again!

Our features

✔ 24/7/365 Live Support
✔ Unlimited interactions
✔ Flat rate and zero hidden-costs
✔ Risk-free 7-days trial
✔ 100% human
✔ Zero technical skills needed
✔ Paramount support
✔ Live chat and ticketing solution, customized to your store

Our secret recipe...

🤖 Robots need not apply

Our team is composed of experts customer support representatives. Average experience? 4.5 years. Combined experience? A lifetime!
We believe in support by humans for humans. While chatbots can perform well in some conditions, it usually frustrates the customer who comes with a specific question.
At Helpcube, we approach the problem the other way: We empower our human team with great tools, insight, and automation, ensuring constant quality and productivity, while human confirmation is always the last step.

More than just a service

We are the only live chat outsourcing team that develops its own software. We have a clear vision in what should be outsourced customer support service for mid-sized retail stores and we found no provider able to specifically deal with this case.
We provide your website with a live chat solution customizable to your brand. Our team can handle inbound requests from email and contact form using our ticketing system. Or you can tell us to send escalated requests directly to your ticketing system. It’s up to you!
We are working hard at fast pace, and great features are coming really soon, like Facebook messenger and mobile application for integrating and escalating to your own services! Curious? Check our roadmap here.

Integrated with your eCommerce solution

Another of our secrets? We integrate with your eCommerce framework and have direct access to information like your orders or your products from your store API. 
Our knowledge base team scouts your website on every change and keeps our team informed of your branding and policies. At any time, we have a file summarizing your business. Thus, we can handle most of the requests from your customers without bothering you too often.
We currently support Shopify only but plan to support Magento and WooCommerce in the near future.

Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile is written in our DNA. We provide you with paramount support and infinite patience.
If you have any questions, need any support or want specific cases to be treated by our team, just shot an email to [email protected].

Did you know?

44% of online consumers say having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. 63% said they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. 38% said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself [1].