Uses Cases

Wondering who’s working with us?
Here are some use cases of Helpcube support team based on our customers

Online store


It already has assistant helping it run the store with customer support, order fulfillment, inventory management, marketing & content, social media presence..

The problem

While the assistant is usually very qualified for the role, live customer support induce hidden cost, by forcing the person in charge to switch context on each customer request in a few minutes.
In this case, the store will prefer to stay on non-live support, like email and ticketing support. As a result? Frustrated customer waiting hours before he can get an answer to its question. Lots of sales lost too…

Our solution

Helpcube helps to reduce the load of incoming customers’ questions and increase visitor conversion, allowing the store to stay focus on delivering more value.

Dropshipping store


It has a nice Shopify store focused around one or a few winning products. It’s time to setup a great CPA campaign and it expects massive traction for the next weeks.

The problem

In dropshipping, all the value is generated by keeping the cost of acquisition low. In terms of customer support, a dropshipping store faces two big issues:

  • The shop is usually brand new, leading to trust issue with the visitor
  • Once the customer purchased the product, it doesn’t expect to be delivered in 15 days or more.

Our solution

We shine to deliver the perfect solution for dropshippers: Our agents are specifically trained and understand clearly what dropshipping is and how to reassure the customer both pre-sale and post-sale.

 With us, you can expect an increase of 8x in visitors to customer transformation for those who connected with our live chat plugin!

Brick & mortar store


You own a store with physical presence. Your online presence is just another channel of sale.

The problem

Would you let your physical shop without any sales clerk?

Online shopping is the same. Your customers expect to talk with someone at any time.

Our solution

With Helpcube, we offer this presence. In case the customer needs any direction we would not be able to offer, we will directly transfer the request for your team.

Why should you add live chat to your Shopify store ?

Customers do not like to wait for hours or days to get solution to their support queries. Live chat allows you to reply quickly to your customers.

It also greatly increases your visitor conversion to leads. We will help, guide and convert your visitors to customers.