Unlimited Live Chat Customer Support for a Flat Monthly Rate

We know how it feels… Handling customers in real-time can drive nuts. And when your clients are visiting 24/7, it can make your life quite difficult.
The good news? Helpcube gives you an unlimited around-the-clock support team for a fixed monthly fee. Setup our live chat plugin in few minutes and experience increased visitor conversion!

Let us help you for 7 days completely free, then you can decide if you want to stay.

You might ask yourself how an outsourced team of customer support representatives can bring value to your shop after few minutes? They know nothing about your business, right? Wrong. 👇

Join dozen of store owners like you!

✔ Risk free – ✔ No setup – ✔ Ready in few minutes!


We soak in your business, and here is how:

▶ After managing thousands of requests, we’ve identified questions that will get asked on any website regardless of what you sell.

▶ During your first 72 hours with us, our knowledge database experts will browse your website and gather all the resources found to map the pivots points of your business and the typical pain points your customers might experience.

▶ Of course, for more complex cases handling, we invite you to an onboarding call when you explain in deep your business and give us your keys to success!

▶ And at the end, if we don’t know, we will escalate the question to your services; and once you reply, we know and we write it down in our system. We never ask twice!

Bring back real-time support to your shop, now!

How much time does it cost you to switch context and reply to a customer in the middle of a strategic task? Are you sure you’re the good one to cross-sell or upsell to your customers?

Rest assured knowing that a team of seasoned sales representatives are ready to handle your customers. Get all the advantages of your customers’ preferred contact channel without the hassle.

Helpcube is so valuable for my business. Since I started working with the team, I can refocus my energy on value added tasks.
They are really accessible and adapt very fast. I would definitely recommend.
J. Philbert
CEO, BackOnTrack
I was doubtful to use an outsourced customer service with our store.

But it proves to worth every penny!

M. Corrie
Margaux's Boutique
We are working already with a virtual assistant so I was doubtful of the possibility for the Helpcube team to collaborate efficiently. Doubt cleared, working great!

M. Flaubert
Euro Calipers

Common questions

Is it really unlimited?

Yes! We offer you an unlimited number of interactions each month. 

We guarantee you to treat at least one interaction at a time for your store. In case multiple clients are requesting help at the same time, we will treat them simultaneous unless it happens too often (auto-boost). For multiple concurrent interactions, see our pricing page here

Remind that we will never stop servicing your customers. In case we notice your store needs to upgrade, we notify you by email!

My industry is complicated, you won't understand!

Today, all businesses are complicated, believe us!
But we know that with good guidance and support documents we are able to provide value for any kind of retail store.

Our 7-days free trial is made exactly for your case: not sure about the value provided? Let’s judge it today!

Where are you based?

Our production center is based in the Philippines, Manila and our dev team is in Thailand scattered across the country!

Both places are truly wonderful, so don’t hesitate to shot us an email if you want to visit us!

Can I talk to someone to be sure you can help me?

Sure! We have our live chat plugin in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Just click on it an give a talk to our agents.

Otherwise, you can also book a 1 to 1 videocall by clicking here

What communication channels do you cover?

We’re currently covering email channels via our ticketing, and of course, live chat.

We will soon offer Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp integration!

What should I expect from our collaboration long-term?

We, at Helpcube, envision a service deeply connected with your own customer success team and branding voice, where we handle everything you should not handle, while you keep the upper hand and provide the extraordinary to your customers when needed.

That’s why, unlike our competitor, we provide a full-stack solution with both software and service included. While our solution is still young, it is maturing toward a clear vision each day!

You can have a taste of our development roadmap here.

Join the revolution! Let's repopulate Internet with real humans! 👫

We believe in augmented humans, not in chatbots.
Our platform offers automation and quality control tools helping our team to provide your store with  fast and accurate answers.
Join the revolution! #teamhuman